St. Tikhon's Monastery
Moleben Submission Form

A Moleben is a prayer service offered for any living individual Orthodox or not.

1. Please provide first names only (no nicknames) (i.e. Alexander rather than Alex).
2. For Orthodox Christians please submit the person’s baptismal or ‘communion’ name if possible.
3. For Orthodox clergy and monastics please use titles (Priest, Deacon, Monk, instead of Father; Nun, instead of Mother, etc).

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Your Name and Address

Person(s) to be Prayed For
Please enter one name per line only (no multiple names with commas, please). No more than fifteen (15) names please. Please list FIRST NAME ONLY...each on a separate line... press enter on your keyboard after each name. Lists that include last names, descriptions like 'ill' or 'child', and phrases like 'and family' cannot be accepted. Thanks very much for your understanding and help.

We will offer the name(s) submitted on the next regular date. In emergency or critical situations delete ‘next regular date’ in the box and enter a specific date or 'as soon as possible'. )

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